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Yllebroderi för lust och fägring (Embroidery)

Yllebroderi för lust och fägring (Embroidery)
11 januari 2018 Emil Naula

27 January – 1 April 2018

Mia Ehrling: Yllebroderi för lust och fägring

The exhibitions starts at the 27th of January and continues til the 1st of April, opening hours Saturday–Sunday, 12–16 hr. (closed 20–21 of January)

Mia presents herself and her embroidery as follows:

Being free to create with color and shape in lush colors and realizing an old dream is lovely!

My interest in embroidery started already in young years, and it was an amazing feeling when I got to start a new cloth, learn new stitches and use different materials in the threads that shaped my pieces.