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Join our Voluntary Group

The daily activities and management of the Ottilia Adelborg Museum is run by a group of volunteers of people donating their time to various parts of the museum’s activities, such as taking care of the collections and offering guided tours and arranging events. You are also welcome to join our group of volunteers to help keep the Museum open or help manage the garden of the Deanery. If you want to join us, please write to us via our contact form or call the Museum at +46-241-611 11. Let us know what you can do! Welcome!

Collaboration with Business and Organisations

We welcome collaboration with businesses and organisations that aims to strengthen the Museum and enable us to arrange exhibitions, events and courses. Contact us and let us know how you would like to collaborate with us.

Ottilia Adelborg Museum – non-profit association

The Ottilia Adelborg Museum – a non-profit association was formed in 2018, with the purpose of producing exhibitions and arranging program activities with the historical starting point of Ottilia Adelborg’s life and cross-cultural work.
The museum is run by non-profit forces, supported by the municipality of Gagnef. As a member, you support the association’s work to spread knowledge about Ottilia Adelborg.
Members have free entry to the museum and are invited to various activities.
To become a member, do the following:

  1. Email name and e-mail address to info@ottiliaadelborgmuseet.se
  2. The membership fee of 100 SEK, paid annually, is paid via
    Bankgiro 5003-0949 or
    Swish 1234931549.
    Always include name of sender.

Thanks in advance.