Arts, Crafts and Recycling

Arts, Crafts and Recycling
9 January 2019 Emil Naula

This year’s spring exhibition opens with an opening on March 30 and runs until May 12. The exhibition will be open Saturday – Sunday at. 12–16 with extended opening hours in connection with Easter (Konst & hantverk Gagnef runt).

Exhibiting artists:

Lotta-Maja Öhman

Works with textile, metal, clay, concrete, leather, wood, paper, plants

Embroidery, sewing, forging, molding, piling, crocheting, sculpting, etc.

Educated at Kristofferskolan, Nyckelvikskolan, Konstfack

Employed at the Dramaten 1999-2016 as a painter, patiner, saddle maker, jewelery mediator and creator

Self-employed since 2016

Living in Syrholn, Dala-Floda, Gagnef

I’m Erik Vinsander and I love the wood as a material and the knife as a tool. In the recent past, I have also become fond of the axe. I started carving when I was about 20 years old and since then I have enjoyed shaping the wood with my knife. Now I am 43 years old and live in Lindan’s old school here in Gagnef together with my wife and our four children.

I am a trained physiotherapist and work as an assistant consultant at Dalarnas Hjälpmedelscenter in Borlänge. There is not so much time for the craftsmanship now that I would wish for, but sometimes I get some time to cut one or two figures. It can be birds and old men, but also shrink boxes and ladles.

Mostly I use birch or lime for my carving, but I like to mix old hand-forged nails or steel wire into my work.

29 years and living in Gagnef kyrkby.

I examine structures, surfaces and techniques. I find my inspiration in nature. My creativity is rooted in the freedom to use and combine different materials. My great interest in reuse is present in my creation.

I have studied fine carpentry with a focus on sculpture and metal and silver smithing at Leksand folkhögskola, I explore the possibilities of weaving together my knowledge in wood and metal.