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The Ottilia Adelborg Museum’s Permanent Exhibition

The permanent exhibition shows objects, pictures, movies, etc. from Ottilia Adelborg’s many interests and areas of activity; lace and fagoting art in Gagnef and the world, Ottilia’s art and literature, traditional clothes and objects.

Ottilia Adelborg came to Gagnef at the turn of the century and became fascinated by what she saw … it was completely naive and a fairy tale style  of everything she wrote in her diary about the first meeting with Gagnef. What she was referring to were the people in their colorful traditional clothing but also the scenery and the traditions and customs she had to share. She settled in Gagnef and lived there until her death in 1936.

Thanks to Ottilia, much of the habits of everyday life was preserved and continues to fascinate us today. She captured the people and the landscape in her beautiful watercolors and drawings … the pencil struck root in Gagnef. Buildings and objects were collected and turned into a hometown museum, The Gagnef’s Memorial Cottage. Stories and fairy tales were written down. All of this is now available to us.

The museum’s shop sells Ottilia’s children’s books, postcards, art cards, reproductions, posters, etc. related to both the permanent exhibition and the museum’s temporary exhibitions.

Make a visit to Gagnef and be as filled with admiration as Ottilia!


Ur Ottilias dagbok

Wavan Petré här för dagen. Kyrkoherden säger att i gamla handlingar heter det Gangenerd och Mycklafjärd, och Sigfridsbodarna om Sifferbo. St. David var Westmanlands helgon [överstruket] eller predikant på 1000-talet. ...

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2 juli 1907
Voro Anna och jag till Djura för att se på "Melancholian" den Dûrerska.

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Temporary Exhibitions


  1. Village walk in Gagnefs kyrkby

    3 August kl. 18:00 - 19:30