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Ottilia Adelborg’s Photo Collection

Images with motifs from Gagnef and Dalarna from Ottilia Adelborg’s photo albums.

The images are categorised in accordance with motif and/or geographic location. Please see below descriptions and image numbers.


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Photo Collection

Gagnef Church

Images 1–17

Gagnef Dala River The Rapids and Church Boats

Images 18–33

Gagnef Farms and Buildings

Images 34–69

The Adelborg House in Gagnef

Images 70–76

Gagnefs Minnesstuga, clothes

Images 77-89

Gagnefs Minnesstuga, objects

Images 90–125

Gagnefs Minnesstuga, Interiors and Views

Images 126–161

Gagnef Folk at Work

Images 162–184

Gagnef Folk

Images 185–213

The Svan Family

Images 214–231

Grånsbuan, Jan Olas Sheds

Images 232–239

Gerstjärnsbuan and Tansen

Images 240–259


Images 260–271

Royal Visit 5 July 1924 and Festivities

Images 272–281


Images 282–294


Images 295–313

Stora Tuna, Amsberg Chapel, Torsång and Vika

Images 314–327

Kopparberget, Falun, Ornäs and Svärdsjö

Images 328–354

Hedemora, Ludvika, Säter and Brunnbäck

Images 355–375

Åhl socken

Images 376–387

Djura and Siljansnäs

Images 388–407

Leksand: Kyrkan, Stengården and Korstäppan

Images 408–428

Leksand Holen

Images 429–444


Images 445–465

Mora: Zorn, Skeriol, Gopsmor, Gustav Wasa and Zorn’s Gammelgård

Images 466–488

Mora: Zorngården

Images 489–502

Mora: Sollerön

Images 503–529

Orsa and Skattungbyn

Images 530–546

Elfdalen, Transtrand, Lima, Dala Järna and Nås

Images 547–560

Särna and Idre

Images 561–577

Gagnef, Tjärna and Wästerfors

Images 578–593

Glass Plates: Different Motifs

Glass Plates – Motifs

1. Svan Anders Andersson – not identified

2. Svan Anders Andersson – not identified

3. Lace from Gagnef and Vadstena

4. Lace the Wave in variations

5. Lace from Gagnef and Vadstena

6. Lace