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At the Ottilia Adelborg Museum there is a multitude of collections with lace, art, illustrations, literature, folk costumes and objects from Gagnef.

Many of the objects are artefacts collected by Ottilia Adelborg herself during her lifetime or donated by the Adelborg family, collections that now are managed by the Ottilia Adelborg Society, the Foundation Gagnefs Minnesstuga and the Municipality of Gagnef. These collections also contain extensive donations from members of the Adelborg family.

If you are doing research or have a particular interest in anything related to the Museum’s collections, please contact us for more information on access to the collections.

Here below we present:

  • Gifts from the Adelborg Family
  • Margaretha Adelborg’s Gift
  • Collections of the Foundation Gagnefs Minnesstuga
  • The Collections of Gagnef Municipality

Ottilia Adelborg's Photographs

Ottilia Adelborg also had a solid photo collection, with motifs from Gagnef and Dalarna. You can see these collections directly on our website.

Ottilia Adelborg’s Photographs

Gifts from the Adelborg Family

During the years 2007-2012 the Ottilia Adelborg Society has received over 80 drawings and water colour illustrations made by Ottilia. Among them, there are around 30 images and sketches that Ottilia wanted to use for a children’s book about Charles XII. Four fabulous sketchbooks, an exquisite etching, photographs and a number of letters, are also included in this collection.

The members of the Adelborg family who presented the Society with this collection are Beatrice and Hugo Adelborg, Görel and Louise Adelborg, as well as Lars Fredborg.


Margaretha Adelborg’s Gift

Margaretha Adelborg’s father, Hugo Adelborg, was first cousin’s child once removed to Ottilia Adelborg. He was head of the family when Ottilia passed away in 1936. She bequeathed a large collection of art, letters and family heirlooms to Hugo. In 2006, Margaretha contacted the chairperson of the Ottilia Adelborg Society with a wish to donate the entire collection to the Society. The art, over 200 works, mainly consist of water colour paintings, ink and pencil drawings made by Ottilia Adelborg, but also around 40 made by Ottilia’s father, Bror Jakob Adelborg. The collection also contains approximately 50 letters and postcards sent by the family members to each other and to close friends. A large number of family photographs are also included. Among the family heirlooms, there are medallions, books, military items and more.


Collections of the Foundation Gagnefs Minnesstuga

In 1909, Ottilia Adelborg and her friends donated to the parish of Gagnef 3 buildings on Solsheden and a multitude of collected and purchased items. The objects are documented and recorded in two databases. The collection contains everyday objects from Gagnef: clothes, tools, furniture, textiles and anything that people in the farming society would have at home. The objects have been divided into three collections and can be accessed digitally in the museum.

1. Collection of Gagnefs Minnesstuga (approx. 4,000 objects)
2. Lace collection (approx. 1,425 pieces of lace)
3. The personal archives of Ottilia Adelborg*

The personal archives of Ottilia Adelborg contain letters, photographs, a library of approximately 1,500 items, journals and various personal files. The collection is currently being digitised.

The Foundation Gagnefs Minnesstuga is also managing the School Museum in Djurmo with its own colleciton of 1,500 items, all digitally recorded.

Collection of Gagnefs Minnesstuga


The Collections of Gagnef Municipality

When Ottilia Adelborg’s sister Gertrud passed away in 1942, she bequeathed a collection of water colour paintings and illustrations by Ottilia Adelborg to Gagnef Municipality. It is managed by a foundation, the Adelborg Foundation for Gagnefs Minnesstuga. The municipality council manages the foundation and constitutes its board of directors. Since 2006, the foundation is seen and treated as a foundation according to the new legal framework that was introduced – the Foundation for the Adelborg Fund for Gagnefs Minnesstuga.

The collections contains over 500 works of art, mainly watercolour paintings but also illustrations and oil paintings from her early years. Maybe the most famous work is the original painting for the 1893 edition of the Princes’ Flower Alphabet. The entire collection was digitised a few years ago.